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Baby Laundry Tips

With regards to child’s clothing, texture care is of specific significance not just for the care of the fragile articles of clothing themselves, however for the way that the texture comes in close contact with infant’s delicate skin. From treating stains to picking a cleanser, here’s a choice of supportive infant clothing care tips.

Why Take Extra Care with Baby’s Laundry

While your infant may become out of his or her garments at a fast pace, there is no motivation behind why you can’t, with appropriate care, spare the apparel for a future kin or cousin or give it to a philanthropy or youngsters’ home. Additionally, seeing that both dress and bedding are concerned, you preferably need infant’s clothing to be as spotless as would be prudent, yet in any case delicate and tender on child’s sensitive skin. Striking the harmony amongst perfect and delicate, and guaranteeing the life span of child’s clothing, requires additional care-yet it is not exactly as dull a procedure as you may envision.

Pre-Treating and Treating Baby-Related Stains

Stains are an inevitable part of babyhood. Here’s how to treat the most common baby-related stains on laundry:

  • Protein Stains: For breast milk, formula, spit-up, diarrhoea and food stains, a pre-treatment comprising cold water and an enzyme cleaner is your best solution. Enzymes dissolve proteins, thereby literally digesting the stain and removing the possibility of residual odour. Soak the stained item for at least an hour, and then launder as usual.
  • Urine Stains: In order to rid laundry of both the stain and smell of urine, a two-step process should ideally be followed. Dilute a tablespoon of ammonia into a cup of water, and do a small patch test on an unnoticeable part of the stained item to ensure the item is colour-fast and will not be bleached by the ammonia. If the item proves colour fast, dab the ammonia mixture onto the urine stain, rubbing in circular motions. Thereafter treat the stain again with a targeted stain-removal product, before laundering as usual.
  • Oil/Grease Stains: For baby oil, petroleum jelly and lotion stains, swift action is required. Whilst the stain is fresh, dab baby powder onto it to absorb excess oil. Scrape off after twenty minutes, before treating with a solvent targeted at removing oil/grease stains, and laundering as usual.
  • On-the-Go Stain Treatment: For stain pre-treatment whilst you are out and about, simply filling a couple of small spray bottles, obtainable at any plastics store, with the above mixtures and popping these in your diaper bag will help you save baby’s best clothes from ruin.

Choosing a Detergent and Fabric Softener

Ideally, you should select a gentle detergent for laundering baby’s clothing and bedding and rely on your laundering method to ensure the items are thoroughly cleaned. For baby’s laundry, you can purchase a mild laundry detergent, or you can simply halve your usual dose of your normal detergent. Check the labels on baby’s laundry to ascertain the maximum temperatures the items can handle and set your washing machine to that temperature or, if washing by hand, buy an oven thermometer and check the temperature of your water. Hot water cleans more thoroughly than cold water, but does not leave a chemical residue that may be an irritant to baby.